Looking for furniture I can show off in my house!


The Whiskerstudio Art Deco Cat Tree Tower

Price: $179.00

I purchased this cat tree because I was looking for something that would look like a piece of furniture and not a carpet covered eye sore. Me and my cats love this piece of art!


The Whiskerstudio Art Deco cat tower

The Whiskerstudio Art Deco cat tower is just the right height for kitty to get high enough off of the ground and for you to be able to pet her as you’re walking by. This is a sturdy, well designed cat tower that goes well with modern contemporary as well as traditional decor.

This unit is UNFINISHED birch ply.  It can be used as-is, or you can paint or stain to match your decor!

Unlike traditional carpeted trees, you won’t feel embarrassed displaying this right in your living space.

WhiskerStudio manufactures right here in the U.S. and uses locally sourced, eco-friendly raw materials. What you get will be exactly as you see here, no surprises!

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